6 tips on how to create a self-care routine

Self-care goes beyond the occasional mani-pedi or massage. While these are great examples of taking time for yourself, in order to reap the substantial benefits of self-care, you must make a consistent commitment and expand your routine of caring for yourself to nourish all levels of your being.

HI and welcome to this weeks blog post. Today I wanted to write about self-care as it is something we are all facing daily on social media, but are you actually practicing it? Do you know what really recharges you?

I used to think that self-care is about beauty like getting my hair done or a pedicure. And it took me quite some time to realize that this never recharged me but is just another thing on my To-Do list. And sometimes I still need to listen to my gut: some days I feel like going for a run or treating myself to a drink and other days I just want to do nothing and find that OK too (YES, life is not a productivity competition).

So first things first: let’s define what self-care means. Self-care is an activity that nurtures and refuels you at a deep level. The definition for self-care is multifaceted. Each of us has many sides that make us whole.

These areas offer unique spaces for care and attention:

  • Physical body
  • Emotional and mental state
  • Spiritual beliefs
  • Relationship to self
  • Relationship to others
  • Work

In the realm of self-care, the options are limitless (time outside, movement, sleep, reading, routines, food, journaling, meditating, joining a group,…). The key is to identify which areas of your life need attention and engage in activities that support you on a regular basis. You may find that what works for you changes over time. Perhaps you recognize a need for connections at some point, so your daily exercise goes from a solo run to a walk with a friend.

You must give yourself permission to practice self-care to have a fulfilling life. Engaging in regular, high quality self-care is crucial; it has a positive ripple effect on your personal and professional success.

Keep in mind that your participation in self-care will ebb and flow. The areas of your life that need balance will shift and the ways you want to fill those needs will change as well. How self-care looks in your life may change drastically from one period to the next, but it’s important that the routine – and the consistent effort of caring for yourself – is always present.

Here are 6 ways to create a self-care routine and stay consistent:

  1. Take time each week to check in with yourself and identify which areas need support.
  2. Choose the activities you will engage in on a weekly basis.
  3. Schedule a time for each item.
  4. Make it easier for yourself by making your environment conducive to your activities.
  5. Be present during self-care rituals. 
  6. Start small and build on practices that best serve you over time.

The final piece in creating effective self-care rituals is establishing a positive attitude and a determined mind-set. By allowing yourself the time and space to practice self-care without negative emotions weighing you down, you and those around you will reap the benefits.

Your energy and enthusiasm for life will shine and you will begin to attract the people and things in your life that you most desire.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post & find it helpful. Leave me your comment & experience below – I am happy to hear from you!

Now you know what to do but the HOW is the most important isn’t it? And that’s exactly what I do as a Health Coach: I don’t tell you what to do but I help you to find out what works for you and how to get there. Leave me your comment below or simply book a free consultation with me. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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