How to create a healthy home environment

Welcome back! This week I want to give you 10 tips on how to create a healthy environment and hope you enjoy reading!

your home environment plays a crucial role in your health and happiness


physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your home environment is not only the place where you wake up each morning but also the environment that surrounds you throughout the day. Creating a space that feels safe and comfortable and brings you joy is both empowering and crucial for living a healthy and happy life.

Studies have shown that a clean and comfortable living environment reduces stress and therefore increases health and happiness. Imagine living in a home with four children, where dishes are left in the sink, children’s clothes are strewn across the bedroom floor, and your office space has become more of a playroom. Mentally, you are all over the place; it is much harder to concentrate on tasks at hand when your laptop is hidden under a pile of clothes. Emotionally, you are ungrounded as this setup doesn’t offer a safe space for you to relax and unwind after a long day. The kids have taken over every room, leaving you without a space to call your own. Physically, you are tired as the stress of living in a cluttered home has manifested as aches and pains throughout your body. As you can see, your environment can directly affect your mental, emotional, and physical health in a major way!

Just as you fill your body with delicious, healthy foods to achieve optimal health, it’s important to create a home that lights you up from the inside out. The goal is to design a home for the life you dream of and the vision you wish to achieve. As bio-individuals, these preferences will vary for everyone. While one person may desire an energizing and thought-provoking space with bright, ornate decorations, another may be seeking calm in a soft-toned, minimally filled home. One person may thrive in a big city, while another may be more comfortable in a quiet, rural community. Your home environment should be a reflection of how you want your life to look.

Explore ways to create a more positive space:

  1. Create a vision board
    I LOVE doing them on Pinterest!

    A vision board is a wonderful tool to help you clarify and maintain focus on a specific goal. Paste images and words that represent your goal onto a board and then put it somewhere you will see it daily. Make a vision board detailing the home environment you would love to create. Take time to go through different magazines or pictures online and cut or print out any that resonate with you. Post them on your vision board along with words that evoke the feelings you wish to cultivate in your home.
  2. Get Plants

    Indoor plants are a great way to purify air, boost mood, improve health, and sharpen focus. They are considered an important part of feng shui as they contribute to the positive flow of energy throughout the house. There are plenty of houseplants that don’t require too much attention, including garden mums, peace lilies, ZZ plants, and African violets. Wooded plants, such as bamboo, palms, and dracaena, are common in feng shui as wood is the Chinese element representing growth and creativity.
  3. Clean & de-clutter

    Keeping a clean home has wonderful health benefits, both physically and mentally. If you take a little time each day to pick up after yourself, you’ll get in a bit of exercise and allow yourself the mental space to focus on your passions. Plus, if your home is always in order, you’ll be more open to spontaneous hospitality!
  4. Candles

    Scented candles have been shown to promote focus and lift your mood. Scents have a wonderful way of bringing up memories and reminding us of past times. They also give us the opportunity to truly express ourselves; while one person may prefer a light beachy scent, another may be drawn to a deep woodsy smell!
  5. A cozy sleeping space

    Getting enough sleep is vitally important to your health. Make sure to create a sleep space that is as comfortable for you as possible. Invest in sheets and blankets that you love and make you feel warm and safe. If you have a window in your bedroom, make sure to hang shades or curtains that block outside light from seeping in while you’re asleep. In the morning, take time to make your bed. Not only is it nice to come home to a well-made bed, but it can also give you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. These simple steps can improve the quality of your sleep, which directly affects your overall health and vitality.
  6. Organize your pantry

    By keeping your kitchen and pantry in order, you’ll be more likely to cook at home and actually enjoy spending time in your kitchen. If you cook at home, you are more likely to create more nutritious meals than if you eat out. A fun way to organize your pantry is with mason jars (or other clear containers). Not only do mason jars look great, they will also help keep your food fresher for longer. Plus, clear containers help you avoid purchasing something you already have!
  7. Remove toxins

    OK, this one is my favorite: You can do absolutely everything right physically but the mental part, the energy is just as important! If you are living with toxic people, and YES family can be toxic as well, be aware and try to find a solution. If moving out is no option then maybe you don’t need to spend as much time with them or find something to balance your energy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog post and found it helpful. Leave me a comment with your experience below. I am excited to hear from you!

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