My morning routine

Hej fam, happy Monday and welcome back. OK, I am facing my fear and uploaded a video about my morning routine and wanted to compliment it with a blog post for YOU 🙂
Hope you enjoy!

First things first

I make my bed. I guess this is something my mom teaches me very early on and I can’t remember when I started doing it. But making the bed in the morning means for me not to go back, you know?

I feel when the bed looks still so cozy from the night the temptation to lay back down or to decide to work from bed is much higher as when I make the bed and kind of end the chapter until the evening.

Skin care

After brushing my teeth and washing my face with cold water I apply an eye and face cream with aloe vera. In night I use the aloe vera gel. I think taking care of your face early on will slow down the aging process and let’s be honest, our face deserves some love.

Morning walk

After my needs are covered I take care of the dog needs and take him for a 30min walk. I tried to become a morning run person but just don’t feel it in the mornings and prefer to start my day calm.

Going for a longer walk is still a great way for me to start the day, get out of the house and into nature and don’t be on the laptop right away.

Honestly, a dog helps sooo much with going outside 3-4 times/ day.

Coffee and journal

After I come back from the walk I make a coffee with oat milk and write into my 5 min journal. After the walk I have a clear mind and set a positive tone for the day by writing down my intentions for the day and what I am grateful for.

If you consider starting to journal I highly recommend these 5 min journals because it gives you guidance.


I finish the previous steps around 1 hour after waking up. Then I open my laptop, do some mails and work. I have my breakfast around 3 hours after waking up because this is the time I naturally get hungry.

My daily breakfast is around 50g oats with chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and cinnamon. I add 50/50 oat milk and boiling water. Frozen blueberries, 1 banana, cacao nibs and nut butter on top. SO YUMMY!

I hope you enjoyed this insight to my daily morning routine! Leave me a comment when you try something of it as well or what works for you.

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