Monthly favorites/ March

WOW! One quarter of 2021 is already over. Let’s just not remember March 2020 at this point! I am excited to share my favorites of March and exciting news with you! Please enjoy:

Let’s start with the exciting news

I am getting my Fitnesstrainer B- License! And am just so excited to learn again, to be able to coach in a different field as well and to be able to do my passion professionally.
My graduation will most likely be within a month already!

Runs to the beach

March has been the month of moving to a new house after 25 years! And with a new place there come new trails to run. Where I live now there are more hills and it’s a more challenging terrain but so worth it!
Running to the beach and breathing in the freedom there is so therapeutic and I absolutely love it!

This delicious soup

I made this soup on Monday after a 10k hike and it was just exactly what my body needed:
1. Chop garlic, onion and ginger and put in a pre heated pot with oil.
2. Add carrots, shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce. Leave in pot until crispy.
3. Add boiling water with vegetable broth and herbs of your choice.
4. Chop pok choy and tofu and stir in a separate pan with soy sauce until crispy.
5. Add the brown rice paste to the pot and finish the dish by adding the pot chop and tofu. ENJOY!

Book of the month

It took me almost the whole month of march to finish “Believe me” from Jamie Kern Lima due to moving and work. BUT, it was awesome! Highly recommend!
Now, my brother got me “The Alchimist” and so far I am loving it too. Great, inspiring book about the purpose in life.

Reels on Instagram

In March I have been getting into Reels on Instagram. Make sure to check them out:
My favorite was the “What I eat in a week”. Can’t wait to share more with you!

Favorite furniture piece

OK, that’s a hard one as I have been to IKEA twice in March after moving. On the picture you see a new couch cover, pillows, the super soft carpet and the chair! The chair is not IKEA but I got it basically second hand and for free so I am even more excited about it.
Buying second hand is most times cheaper, has more charms and a story and it is sustainable!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post, leave me a comment below and check out the rest of my website 🙂 Wish you a great weekend! 

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