Monthly favorites/ February

Welcome back and happy March! How has February been? As every month I love to share with you my monthly favorites. Please enjoy reading!

Sitting at the water with an amazing view

In February we have still been under lockdown so whenever we could, my best friend and I went to this beautiful place in Hamburg and just enjoyed ourselves.

I guess as all of us I too get stressed out from corona, lockdown and just not doing anything (being busy is when I am happy, who else?). So I tried to be more in the moment instead of living in the future.

Favorite book

I set myself the goal to read 1 book/ week. So far it’s going great and I especially love reading inspiring stories of other strong woman!

Highly recommend the above book which was just published on 23rd February.

Favorite Podcast

I LOVE PODCASTS! I listen to them when I am on a walk or going for a run. Recently Kenzie Elizabeth is my ultimate YouTuber and Podcast host. Just love her vibes so much.

You can find her on Instagram & YouTube under Kenzie Elizabeth and her podcast is the ilysm podcast.

Favorite recipe

OK, to be honest, I have been very uninspired to film recipe videos also because our kitchen is just all over the place due to the moving process.

At least I managed do make AND FILM this banana bread recipe. Banana bread is just easy to have when on the go, it’s filling and healthy.

Once my laptop is fixed I am able to edit the video and share the recipe with you 😊 I promise to create more content soon again!

Favorite second hand pieces

Ok last but not least I wanted to share with you my favorite pieces of the month: this jacket and bag are second hand from Vinted and the jacket is originally Zara. I highly HIGHLY recommend to check out a second hand platform and give it a try! It’s better for the environment, your pocket and it just makes me happier than buying it new.

Lavendel is my spring color this year as you can already see from my Instagram feed as well.

I hope you enjoyed going through my favorites of February! Leave me a like and a comment and don’t forget to check out my other socials. HAPPY MARCH!

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