The misconception that healthy food is expensive

Welcome back to my blog! Hope you had a great week, happy weekend and thank you for reading. I recently shared a toll on my Instagram story and saw how many are still thinking that healthy food is more expensive. That’s why I decided to write about this misconception, where it originally comes from and why it’s not the case:

Scientists in the US compared the cost and the nutritional value of food in different stores and defined the cheapest.

They found out that that less healthy food beats healthy food when it’s about the cost-per-calorie!

This method was used in the 19 century to measure and compare the food cost. That time calorie dense food counted most. For example, Beans and sugar cost the same but sugar had more calories per Gramm therefore it was recommended as the more cost effective food!

But when this method was used, scientists didn’t knew about vitamins yet. But now we do! Now we should know better..

So let’s compare food based on the nutritional value: An average portion of vegetables can be four times as expensive as an average portion of junk food but the vegetables have in average 24 times more nutritional value.

Using a cost-per-nutritional value calculation now vegetables have a 6 times higher nutritional value per dollar as high processed food. Meat costs 3 times more than vegetables with a 16 times lower nutritional value! Since meat is more expensive and offers less value compared to vegetables, you get 48 times more value out of vegetables per dollar!

If you want to get as many calories as possible for as cheap as possible, healthy food would be the loser. But if you want to get as much nutritional value as possible for as cheap as possible, you are absolutely right to go for vegetables, fruits and whole grains!

Just 50 cent per day more spend on vegetables can lower the risk for disease by 10%. That’s a real offer!

Imagine there would be a pill which can lower your risk of disease with only positive side effects: how much would it cost? Probably more than 50 cent!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post, leave me a comment below and check out the rest of my website 🙂 Wish you a great weekend!

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