Monthly favorites/ January

Welcome back and happy February! I hope you had a great first month of the year? As every month I love to share with you my monthly favorites. Please enjoy reading!

Sharing my story

In January I shared my story on my instagram story and created a highlight as well. In a blog post I gave detailed insight on how the bikini competition preparation looked like and how I was feeling. More blog posts will come where I want to share my health journey because clearly what I once thought is healthy, is actually far away from health…

Getting my IIN Certificate

I am now officially officially certified as a Health Coach and very happy to receive my certificate. I am looking forward to coach clients and change their lives.

New fav breakfast

OMG! Who would have thought but I am back to oats. I couldn’t stand them for about a month but now I am ok with them again. Oats is my go to breakfast and just works best for me. At the moment I soak them into oat milk to give them a creamy delicious taste.

The recipe video is coming up soon as well on my Instagram.

Winter walks in the snow

January has been so beautiful! We got snow and then past weekend the sun was shining as well. What a perfect chance to grab a coffee to go, sit in the sun and watch the Hamburg harbor.

Skin care with aloe vera

Found this skin care set last month in a drug store and am loving it. Using the eye and face cream in the morning and the gel in the evening. This set is made with aloe vera, cruelty free, vegan and made with natural products. ALSO, it is very affordable which is not easy to find with bio products. Highly recommend!

Book of January

I got this book for Christmas and read it in 1 week. Amazing and inspiring book written by a very strong woman (mentally and physically as she is a boxer)!

Shop the book here:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2S2P8MP4OWRXP&dchild=1&keywords=dream+big+zeina+nassar&qid=1612515747&sprefix=dream+big+zeina+nassar%2Caps%2C286&sr=8-1 or check out her Instagram:

Homemade turmeric granola

Created this healthy, turmeric granola in January. It is less sweet, plant based and vegan. The turmeric gives it a yellow color and is a great spice overall with amazing health benefits.

Find the recipe here in my IGTV:

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Leave me a like or comment, stay save and healthy and have a HAPPY FEBRUARY! 

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