Sharing my bikini fitness competition experience

Welcome back to my blog. As you may have seen, I recently shared my health and fitness journey on my story’s on Instagram (yes, there is a highlight). I am wondering how many people are out there having a similar story to mine or struggling with the same I used to struggle with..? Therefore I decided to start sharing my story here and hope that it might help you:

My fitness journey started with my first membership in October 2014. I started going to the gym after started working and needed something to go to 24/7. I started with a plan from a trainer and had no clue what I was actually doing. But the more I learned, researched and watched others, the more I learned and started loving it.
It took me some time to actually followed fitness goals and saw how I can change my body through fitness.

In 2016 I saw bikini fitness competitors for the first time on Instagram and loved the way they looked: trained, strong but still lean. I looked for a trainer in my area and decided to compete myself in November 2016.
This pictures were the first we took, 4 months before the competition.

Until this moment I trained for fun and to release my energy and thoughts after a day of work.
My coach gave me a meal and workout plan to follow for 3 months until the first competition: strength training 5x week, cardio 6x week and 1 day off. My meals were made of: rice, oats, green beans, broccoli, egg whites, chicken, protein powder and little amounts of olive oil. The meals were split into 6 meals/ day: 6:30am, 9:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm, 10pm. Around 1200kcal/ day, everything measured to the gram. During these 3 months, I was so excited for day X when I will step on stage. Looking forward to this day got me through training and diet.

The reason I decided to compete was to prove myself that I can do it. That I can manage the training and diet while studying AND working in a hotel for around 12hours/ day.

I have never been someone who gave up. So I kept going, enjoyed the journey and lost 1kg/ week. I started at 70kg (178cm) and my stage weight was 58kg.
Obviously my family, friends and colleagues noticed that I lost weight and carried my meals and believe me, I had to answer so many questions every day, some people are supporting, some are skeptical but SURELY everybody told me their opinion! I was not able to avoid being rude sometimes with my answers and am sorry for some. The question I heard probably the most was: What is the first thing you are going to eat after the competition?

The answer to this question was something I asked myself every day! What am I missing the most? What do I want to eat first?
I loved to see all the bikini fitness pros around the world eating donuts backstage or burger and just generally very heavy food. For a time being I wanted that too but thankfully remembered before that I don’t even like these foods.

If you eat a very limited variety and amount for a long time, cut out lactose and fructose, heavy fats, alcohol and sugar your body adjust to that. So if you confront your body with a “normal” amount suddenly again, your stomach will not be happy at all! It is kind of the same when a drug addict is clean for some time and then takes the same amount he used to, it will hit more and he might get an overdose.

Anyways, after my competition my coach and I went to the grocery store and for the first time since long I could buy and eat whatever I want. I went with a package of M&Ms and a homemade lasagne with my favorite vegetables. It’s fascinating how the taste spots changed and suddenly everything tastes so much more intense.

Being on such a strict diet that is meant to remove as much body fat as possible is kind of like starving to death. It is a controlled way of harming yourself. The body is undernourished and overtrained at the same time and simply stressed. Not even to mention that the week before the competition you try to remove as much water as you can as well to look even more defined. Taking control over everything you eat is the first sign of an eating disorder. But it was just for 3.5 months right?

When I see these pictures now, I can see how lean I was. But when I was this lean, I didn’t saw it! Prior to competing I asked myself if I was lean enough? And after the competition I obviously gained weight again (just through drinking water again, having salt and eating a little bit more) and just felt horrible for gaining weight. I felt horrible for allowing what’s completely natural and kind of healthy. And I tried to work against it!

What nobody tells you before is that after 3.5 months you need to handle it by yourself. There won’t be a coach anymore to tell you what to do and there is no day X anymore to work on. I was lost. I could do whatever I wanted again. But what did I wanted? What was my next goal AFTER the competition? Another one?

I will share more about my journey after the competition in another blog post so stay tuned. After the competition was the start of my healthy journey and I have come far till where I am now 🙂 !

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post. Share your experience below, I am happy to hear from you!

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