Monthly favorites/ November

Welcome back! The last month of the year is here and Christmas is coming up. I hope you are all doing well and look forward to 2021. Please enjoy going through my November favorites:

Bowl on a budget #1: Kale salad

I am happy to create many more bowls on a budget. A kale salad was my first one. Watch the full video on Facebook.

All plant based, easy, vegan and budget friendly! I want them to be possible to prepare for everyone.

Morning runs

Usually I have been working out in the evenings. Now that it’s dark early and I am working again, I started to go for runs in the morning and am TRULY enjoying it. Do you switch up your workout routines sometimes?


My go-to breakfast for YEARS have been oats, no day without a banana and nut butter. Lately I am having toast in a sweet and salty way for breakfast. Aren’t our taste spots interesting sometimes!?

Winter is coming

..and that means sneaker season is over. At least in Germany. Therefore, I ordered these AMAZING boots from bull& bear and they are just so comfortable as well. Absolutely obsessed!

Immune boosting smoothie

Highly recommend to boost your immune system during the cold season! Check out my immune boosting smoothie on my website under favorite recipes:

Christmas holidays are coming

Are you excited for the holidays?

This year I AM! Having already half of my Christmas gifts together gives me a lot of peace and to be honest having a more quiet Christmas due to corona is calming and makes me able to enjoy more. How about you?

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