Monthly favorites/ August

Hey there, welcome back! Can you believe that it’s already September? Slowly it’s getting colder and soon we will be having autumn season. Today, I want to show you my favorites of the month August. What I discovered, bought and am loving: Please enjoy reading.

My 3 months program

I am very excited to announce that I am offering my 3 month health coaching program completely for FREE if you sign up until 15th of September!

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Homemade granola

After experimenting with different granola recipes, I am very happy with this one:
– Oats
– Cranberries
– shredded almonds
– coconut flakes
– cinnamon
– agave syrup

Mix it well and the bake at 200degrees celsius for 10 minutes.
The smell of the coconut when baking is insane. Loving it!

IKIGAI: Book of the month

In this whole pandemic it can be very difficult to stay positive. I got to this point and was thinking what might help me.

I decided to look for a book that will uplift me and help me see the positive in the situation again. The book I found and am really enjoy reading is this one: IKIGAI by Ken Mogi.

Highly recommend it.

New Balance: New running shoes

It was time for new running shoes and got these ones recommended.

These are the New Balance Fresh Foam 860.

So far I really like them and am looking forward to run many more miles with them.

Vegan: New favorite coffee recipe

OK, so what I have been struggling with for a loooong time is drinking coffee with plant based milk.

What I figured out now, is that it actually tastes good if it’s cold.

Put plant based “milk” (Here: Barista Soy from Alpro) in a glass or cup and then pour an espresso on top. The ratio is about 2:1 “milk”: espresso and the “milk” will cool the coffee down and it’s really enjoyable.

New Your Health Coach Website

YES! I have decided to change the layout of my website and am looooving the new one.

The template is Veni by WordPress. I think it looks very clean and professional.

Let me know what you think.

Self-care: Pilates, Meditation and Journaling

In August I discovered Pilates and am doing it now probably 1/week. The exercises are more easy to do for me than yoga tbh.

Meditating is something I have been doing on and off but since the last 3 weeks I am consistent and am meditating 5-10min/ day.

After buying the 6 minute Journal there haven’t been a day that I didn’t journal. Can not recommend this Journal enough. It’s a great tool to reflect as well and be present.

As a Health Coach, I am mentoring my clients to create and maintain long-term lifestyle changes to enhance their overall quality of life. In addition to supporting clients with specific goals, I empower my clients to choose health-promoting behaviors that work for them. I raise awareness and offer support as clients move in their own bio-individual ways toward the greater health they want for themselves. My coaching hopefully leads to long-term behavior change, but only because I help my clients do the meaningful work that forms a strong foundation.

How can I help you? Are there any changes you wish for yourself? Is your health the best it could be? You can book your free consultation with me now: