Monthly favorites/ June

Hey there, welcome back! I hope you are all save and healthy and hanging in there. Being still at home, I want to show you my favorites of this month June. What I discovered, bought and am loving: Please enjoy reading.

My healthy morning boost

Every morning I make myself a very healthy, immune boosting smoothie with my coffee. It is literally impossible to get sick when you have this daily:

Lemon juice, Ginger chunks, Tumeric chunks/ powder, Maca powder, Matcha powder, Greens mix powder, frozen mango and frozen spinach.

N.A.E. hard body soap

I think we ALL should take a look on how much we waste and how many product with plastic we consume. It is our ALL responsibility to avoid waste wherever we can.

I am slowly changing my products to better alternatives. Instead of buying a new shower gel in a plastic container, I recommend to try a sustainable produced, micro plastic free alternative.

Homemade granola

Who else is shocked about the amount of sugar cereals and granolas have? I recommend to make your own granola at home: you can make is as you like, it is healthier and cheaper!

Use oats as a base, add some nut pieces and dried fruit or dates and some honey or syrup to mix it with.

I made this one with oats, hazelnut pieces, almond pieces, cranberries, cinnamon and honey. No added sugar!

Bake it at around 200 degrees celsius until it get’s crunchy.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

This month I purchased a bamboo tooth brush and a tooth paste in a glass jar.

Both products are cruelty free, vegan, sustainable produced, eco friendly, recyclable, natural ingredients and plastic free.

LUSH Body lotion

You can buy this body lotion packaged free at LUSH. The ingredients are of cause all natural. The lotion gets creamy by the body temperature however is hard to distribute over the body.

I do recommend to look for a natural cream, your skin will thank you.

A safety razor

How much do you spend for your razor per month/ per year? Definitely too much!

I HIGHLY recommend to get a safety razor, it will last you for years and you just need to change the blade every few months.

Since these are very sharp, I recommend to use a shaving cream with it.

Do your groceries with your own bag!

Last but not least, please!!! bring your own bag with you when purchasing something.

We can save SO MANY plastic bags by bringing our own, reusable bag.

Not only for the groceries, but also small, single bags for vegetables and fruits.

I hope you all got inspired to look for some sustainable, eco friendly alternatives for your next purchase. The environment will thank you, and I do too!

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