Monthly favorites / MAY

Hey guys, welcome back! I hope you are all save and healthy and hanging in there. Being still at home, I want to show you my favorites of this month. What I am using, wearing, bought and can recommend: Please enjoy reading.

Smoothie for breakfast

As I am anyways doing intermitted fasting and having my first meal around 12/1pm, I started having a smoothie as my first meal. The smoothie contains usually a banana, some berries, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, matcha powder and greens like fresh spinach.

The smoothie doesn’t have less calories but is easier to digest for the body.

A new piercing

Because – why not? The piercing studies opened up again in Germany and sometimes you just feel like getting something new, don’t you?

I decided to go with a helix like this one because I love the simple elegance of it.

My Instagram feed

Isn’t everybody talking about being productive in quarantine? It became like a competition on how busy we all are building our empire and getting the best version of ourself.

I tried to be as productive as I feel like and to not freak out that I am currently not working.

One of my productive outcome is that I finally feel like I got an aesthetic instagram theme which represents me as a Health Coach:

Go outside

While visiting my brother in Göttinger, Germany we went to the close by area Harz. The Harz is known for its mountains, outside activities like hiking and nature.

My parents and I went for a small hiking tour and I absolutely loved it and wish I can show it to my partner soon.

Even if you don’t have a lot of nature close by, try to get outside at least once a day. You will feel so much better, I promise.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I am more than happy to hear about your may favorites.

Please like and leave a comment below. For any questions and requires, please contact me via email: . Thank you!