Monthly Must Haves /April

Why are we actually less productive with more time? A question, I guess the whole world is asking. These are special times for all of us and I hope everybody is save! Some might spend some time online shopping and some just looking at influencer and looks to get inspired or just distracted. Here are some of my monthly favorite looks and some Inspo:

The jogger & hoodie hype is real. Especially now in quarantine, it is the most comfortable and chill outfit.

This lovely mint blue set is from a new brand:

My boyfriend asked me to wear anything but black, so here we go.

Mostly everywhere the salons are closed and we have to get our nails/ hair/ eyebrows at home done or not at all. I recently brought some nail polish after years and did my nails.

It feels good to take care of your look and use the time for some self-care.

Until now I was not into the cycling shorts vibe at all. But with the summer coming closer I really start liking it. Combining it with an oversized shirt or hoodie is a perfect casual look for day or a summer night.

Having just a basic black cycling shorts is easy to combine, comfortable and wearable no matter the size.

This is another cycling shorts/ t-shirt set in a nude color from misguided:

There are lots of different colors and sets available for a very affordable price as all our budgets are currently a bit more tight.

I love this color! This is an oversized hoodie which is perfect to wear on top of a fake leather leggings or cycling shorts. You could even wear it without shorts.

The color is great to be combined with golden necklaces and I just love the chilled vibe it gives:

Talking about self-care and closed salons: Take some time to treat your hair. I have heard so much about EVA NYC and how amazing it is. Unfortunately, it is hard to get in Europe but I will definitely give it a try.

This lockdown time is also a great time to experiment a little bit and do things you usually wouldn’t.

Personally, I use the time to get slowly back to lighter hair, coloring by coloring. And even if I mess it up, I don’t have to get back to work for another 2 months.

The extra time we have is great spend to get an overview over your expenses!

This online bank is so far only for German citizens but I still wanted to share their idea: The money on the accounts and the fees the bank gets for every transaction are going only into sustainable, environmental projects.

Moreover, the online banking is as easy as possible. This is the future of banking.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly must haves and make the best out of the situation.