Quarantine favorites and To Dos

Yeah, I know. Another Quarantine/ COVID19 post. But with this post I want to spread some positive vibes and inspiration for the time we are locked inside.

First of all, I hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy and safe. This is a weird time for all of us but I think we should always make the best out of this situation. There are many theories why this is happening and probably we will never know the truth behind the virus. Instead of seeing everything from a negative point of you we should be reminded in this time on what we do have. The freedom we have, the possibilities, that we have jobs and busy schedules and a social life.

Remind yourself on what you can be grateful for every day what we usually take for granted.

How many times are we looking forward to the weekend or vacation. Now we have so much chill time that we don’t know what to do with it. Below I will share some of my favorites to dos for home:

I have downloaded the App Headspace as a great meditation guide. Meditating is something I want to implement in my daily schedule and now is the perfect time to built a routing of 10min meditating daily. The App is free and I really recommend it.

Reading is also a great thing to do now. It calms you and is a great way to use the extra time.

Building a self care routine is so important no matter which situation we are in. If you usually use being busy as an excuse than make it a priority now. Self care can be different to everyone: a bath, reading, meditation, (home) workouts, cooking, face masks, etc.

Working out. For how many of you is time an excuse not to work out? Or being tired from work? Which excuse do you have now? I used to go to the gym usually but as they are closed now I had to find an alternative. Either you can do a home workout without any equipment or, like I do, I you have the possibility, go out for a run and a workout with the own body weight. If you feel uninspired/ motivated or you don’t know what to do, I recommend to search online for classes or just some inspiration.

As we are getting less busy, we are also getting more lazy. This is totally fine and human. Our bodies are grateful for some rest so use the time and actually CHILL. Sleep more than 8 hours a day, take naps and watch Netflix all day and pleaaaase don’t feel guilty about it!

These days I have noticed such a change in my body: As the stress went, my digestion started working sooo much better. I get the feeling of being hungry more often and have a better appetite. My knee pain is much better than usually and I literally sleep approximately 11hours/ night. And it just feels great!

Obviously: Food. Quarantine is a great opportunity to make the time for cooking we usually don’t have. I have the big luck to have a Pakistani boyfriend who cooks for me dishes like this one every day! #blessed

Cook every meal at home, try new things and involve your family. Just enjoy the quality of good food and time with loved ones.

This is pretty much how I spent my time in quarantine. Starting the day with 10min meditation, coffee, youtube, reading, Netflix, go in the nature for a workout at 6:30pm and afterward enjoy awesome, delicious, healthy food with my love.

Please let me know below how you feel about this time and what are your favorite To Dos right now. Let’s all be grateful and make the best out of this time.