Monthly Must Haves /March

Welcome back! Its been a while since I uploaded a post! The past weeks have been busy with my parents visiting me in Dubai, spending quality time and me just being a bit uninspired about what to post… I have decided to include a “Monthly Must Haves” into my blog with which I am starting today. With my Monthly Must Haves, I want to show you some of the items which inspire me and which are just up to date for the season. I really hope you will enjoy it and have as much fun as I have with these favorites:

This outfit makes me really excited about wearing my own clothes to work. I love the neutral colors! Getting some good quality basic clothes is really what I need to shop for and these items are also great to wear for other occasions.

Get a great pair of jeans!

Okay, I never wear jeans – yet! A good fitting, not too tight, cozy jeans with a vibe is an essential. So far I have only owned tight jeans but I think a lose one would just make me feel more comfortable.

Fake leather pants!

I mean, omg, they are awesome and you can make so many outfits out of them: A chic outfit to go out with or a hoodie for casual chills. Just love them!

Baby blue is such a spring color this year as well as pastel purple. I just have a never ending love for oversized hoodies. So comfy and great for the fresh spring weather.

Who’s closet has more gym stuff than all other clothes? Mine for sure. I have just spend too much money for cheap clothes in my life and really want to invest in some good pieces, especially when it comes to clothes you wear a lot. Gym sets are just a vibe and motivate me so much more for a great workout.

Dessous.. I mean, beautiful isn’t it? For underwear I believe as well that good quality is very important. We wear it as very intim areas of the body and wash it often so it is worth to invest in some good pieces.

After recently breaking my sunnies, I am looking for new ones. Sunglasses really can change the way you look. I am struggling to find the right ones to fit my look and style but am very excited to get some new ones.

Plants bring the nature inside. I reaaaally can’t wait to move and decorate my new bedroom with plants. They just bring a lot of peace and calm into your life. If you have a hand to kill plants (like me so far), I would recommend with artificial plants or plants you hardly have to water anyways.

For my new bedroom, I am looking for a carpet like these ones. Natural colors are a must especially in the bedroom. Just love the feeling to step out of bed and on a carpet instead on the floor right away.

WOW, I mean WOW.

Can’t wait to have a big mirror close to the window to shot some great pictures.

If you struggle with drinking caffein or coffee, matcha is a great alternative to still give you the coffee vibe. It can be made with milk/ plant based milk or mixed in a smoothie. Look for a matcha powder which is made with good ingredients only to get the health benefits out of it as well.

I really hope you enjoyed to read my first monthly must haves blog post. Please share your favorites with me and let me know your inspirations.

Next to my Monthly Must Haves, I also want to start blogging my monthly updates and monthly health tips. Looking forward for more fun posts like this.