How much is our mind related to health?

When we talk about health now a days, it is all about which diet to do and what kind of workout to do. But there is so much more behind health. You can eat the best food in the world and keep your activity level high and still be unhealthy. And why is that?

Being healthy does not only mean having a healthy body but at least as much having a healthy mindset too. The human mind is the most powerful tool we have. Our mind has the power to create our life and decide about our health. But what all is it that our mind has the control over: It is our relationships, our joy, social life, spirituality, creativity, career, finances, environment and overall happiness.

As you can see, food and activity are having a comparable small role when it comes to health or wellbeing. Look at the wheel and think about your life: How are you doing in the categories? You will notice that once you think about it, you might feel unbalanced in some areas. In order to be in a good overall health we have to keep these areas balanced.

For example, being financially unsecure stresses us out and stress makes our cortisol levels high etc etc. Being worried about our career or relationship is another factor of stress. If we lack in our social life or relationships, we have different negative emotions like loneliness.

Our mind plays a huge role when it comes to health and many people are not aware of it or do not take enough care about their mental health. Making time for self-care is therefore necessary.

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