The solution to all your problems

Do you want to know the solution for all your problems? For your health problems, your disease, your diet confusion? The solution is called: Plant based.

It doesn’t matter if you are omnivore, keto, vegetarian or vegan, eating plant based is the healthiest way to live. Plant based doesn’t exclude any food, it simply means that the majority of your food is coming from plants. No matter what the diet industry is telling you or what you believe, it is no secret that vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and legumes are the best for our bodies. The age, the body type, the activity level or the culture do not change the fact either.

Why plant based?

First of all, eating plant based is the most natural way to eat for the human body. Means, that if we eat enough vegetables and fruits every day, we will not suffer from any disease such as diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack etc and we will hardly ever fall sick. All these disease are coming from the way we eat and live.

Vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes contain all the macronutrients and micronutrients our body needs to function properly and to recover. Important is that we eat a variety of these foods in order to cover all micronutrients.

Plant based is not only the best thing to do for our body but also for the earth and environment. Growing these foods uses way less of the resources we require to produce animal products.

Meat or no Meat?

The confusion and discussion about meat is huge. Yes, meat or animal products in general promote all above mentioned diseases. BUT, it depends on the quality and quantity.

“Blue Zones” are 5 places on the earth where people live unusual long compared to other populations.

What do they do in order to live longer and also a healthy life without and disease?

The diet of the most long living people in the world is plant based. However, they do consume animal products. These populations consume the animal food which comes from their own productions. The eggs , milk and meat are coming from chicken from their community, the animals are feed very differently from the products we buy in the store. The second difference is, that they are consuming meat approximately once per week and in a small amount. Milk, eggs, cheese might be consumed on daily basis but the mainly consumed foods are plant based.

So, if you want to have a long, healthy life without any disease (and to be honest, who doesn’t ??) or you just want to stop trying one diet after another, include more natural products into your diet and take care of the quality and quantity of the animal products you are eating.