Faith over fear

Faith over fear. Easier to say than done. I am sure we all had moments in life where we had to make decision which scare us. Decisions which push us out of our comfort zone. But at the end these decision grow us. Good two years ago my intuition told me to leave my home, my country, my family and my friends and I moved to Dubai, started a new job and life. It scared me to fly into the unknown but I haven’t regret my decision even one day.

Moving into another country is definitely a big step but also any other decision which changes our life scares us because we are comfortable. It has been now two years for me in Dubai and it is time for me to move on.

I didn’t planned to move and leave this year but this week the conditions changed. Having a strong believe in the universe I think that it has spoken and told me that it is time to move on. No matter how much a change scares us at the beginning, there is always a bigger reason for it.

This time the situation is different because I am not alone like two years ago when I moved. My boyfriend is moving to Lisbon and I have decided to go with him (happiest person in the universe!). As we are only a few months a couple, you might call me crazy, I did that too.

But as I said, there is a higher meaning behind it and I want to show faith and not fear and show a positive attitude towards the change.

Something awesome is waiting for us behind our comfort zone. Trust the universe.