January 2020 is over – New Years commitment one month later

Welcome back and happy 1st of February! How did January past? I don’t know but it was fast. One month ago I shared with you guys my vision board and goals for 2020. One month later, we can all recap and see what happened with our motivation one month ago? is it still going strong or are we back to 2019?

Body and health goals:

As in 2019 I am figuring out what works best for me: so far I am still doing intermitted fasting, eat plant based most of the time and work out 5 times/ week. My motivation is still going strong and my goal is to lose another 6kg until end of the year. Within January the weight was fluctuating and not dropping but I am not freaking out for that because I enjoy working out and what I eat.

IIN Health Coach studies:

Since 3 weeks I am doing my studies for the Integrative Institute of Nutrition every weekend and truly enjoy it. It is not only good to get educated but also to look forward to do at the weekend and a reason to get up early and be productive. I am very happy to continue and can’t wait to share my knowledge and become a coach.

YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, side hustle:

January started strong with overcoming my fear of talking in front of a camera: I did my first ever YouTube video and uploaded it. That made me very proud and more comfortable in from of a camera. One week later I vlog a Day in my Life but since 3 weekends I am struggling to edit the video.

1. because I have to learn everything about editing, 2. because I don’t make the time and 3. the program was not really loading the videos.

It is bothering me a lot that I don’t sit down and get it done. To be honest. And I know I have to. Learning something new and teaching it yourself (editing) is not easy and especially if you are not really good with IT. But I know, I have to get it done to get it out of my head and off from my To Do List. Once I am confident with editing, for sure I will film more and will have so much fun doing it.


At the end of 2019 I started meditating in the morning. I am still doing that and trying to find the balance between mind and body. My coaching program helps me to understand the connection better and how to work with it. Currently I am working on finding the balance between mind, exercise and food choices.

I notice how I still punish myself if I eat something unhealthy and this has to stop. There is a reason why we eat what we eat and finding out the reason will solve our problem with it.

There are so many things which I want to get done and do at the weekends that I do not give time to rest and recharge. My To Do List literally makes me freak out and gives me a high blood pressure. It is not easy to give 110% working towards your future and being in a balance now. Try to give yourself credit for what you actually get done and set priorities. My priority is my full time job because I cannot make any sacrifices with it. Then there are my workouts 5/ week and my boyfriend who helps me to be at least a little bit social. Without him, I would probably be on my computer working the whole weekend. After that my next main priority are my studies. And then I trying to fit in Instagram (taking and editing content for the following week in order to post on daily basis), YouTube (struggle), my Blog (getting 1 blogpost/ week up) and everything else that has to be done (laundry, groceries, cleaning, you know what I mean).

Wrap up – my motivation is high to work on myself and I know who I want to be by end of the year. I made the commitment to study and truly enjoy it and made it my priority at the weekends! The struggle with getting everything squeezed into the weekend is real and finding the perfect balance with workout and meals while loosing weight. Overall I am giving myself credit for what I get done and enjoying quality social time as well. Over all our dream for the future, we have to live our life now as well.