What is “health”?

The definition says health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing in which disease and infirmity are absent.

What does health means to you?

Society defines health to have a lean body, to eat healthy, drink your smoothie and work out. But if I do all of this – am I actually healthy and free of illness? No, probably not. Why? Because health is not only physical, health is also mental.

To be honest, it is easier to take care of the physical aspects than to deal with the mental ones because they go deep into you and make you uncomfortable. You can drink all celery juice in this world but if you don’t deal with your mental health and relations, you will still not be healthy.

I would like to give you two mind-blowing examples:

The first population took a lot of care of their physical health: They worked out, eat and drink healthy, got all the vitamins, supplements, did not smoke, took care of the amount of sleep and so on. They did basically everything “right”.

The second population did not really took care of their physical health. They ate normal food, drink alcohol and smoked.

Guess which population had less diseases?

Of cause, the first one we would answer.

But no, the second population had more than 50% less diseases than the average and the first population had normal rates.

Now the question is WHY? It is against of what we are told. The reason is that the second population had a strong community. They lived in generation houses and were very close to each other: They had fun, love, joy, happiness and people who are always there to help.

These two populations are an awesome example that health is not only our physical body but our mentality and emotions. The mind has the power over the body. For real! Have you ever heard about “spontaneous remission”? Google it. There are thousands of case studies which show that diseases which are “impossible to heal” as per the western medicine, went away without any medicine. The survival rate of a state four lung cancer is less than 5% with the treatment. But there are cases where the cancer went away within a few months and without any medicine. What did the patience do? They decided to deal with what’s going on in their life. They connect again with Mother Nature and believed that it will heal them. Our mind is more powerful than anything else in this world. It will work for us in a negative way and it will work for the good but it is up to you which thoughts you send to the universe – and be very careful with it.

On Monday, my friend said to me “I wish I could take 3-4 days sick leave from work to rest properly”.

The Universe listened.

On Wednesday morning, he slipped in the shower and felt on his hip and ribs. He was brought to the hospital but thankfully, nothing is broken.

He got 4 days sick leave and because of the pain he couldn’t to anything but staying in bed.

The Universe listens carefully, he didn’t got a serious injury but he got exactly what he asked for.