Finding balance with food, exercise and your lifestyle

Ok – this is not easy to write down as I have been to a lot of routines! My fitness journey started with one and a half years going to the gym 3 days/ week and doing a full body workout which I got from a trainer. 6 exercises, 2 for legs, 2 for upper body and 2 for abs in a super set – this was waaaay to easy. Long story short – after 2 years into fitness I competed in a bodybuilding show. I trained with a profi bodybuilder at that time and learned so much about the body, nutrition and myself. It was a lot of fun and I am very proud that I did it BUT afterwards it became difficult..

Whoever has competed or been trough kind of a crush diet can rely to that: once you are “allowed” to eat everything again and have to find your routine again, the struggle starts.

It took me around 2 years to find a healthy relationship to food again, get my balance back and to figure out what works for me. In these 2 years I have tried so many ways of eating: 5 meals a day/ 2 meals a day/ calorie counting/ intuitive eating/ cheat days/ intermitted fasting/.. you name it!

I think in todays society are toooo many diets, wrong information, fake supplement products and still NO ANSWER. This is funny because it is SO EASY:

Find the way that works for YOU: We are all different, our body are different, we like different food, we have different lifestyles, different goals and habits. YOU have to find out what works for you, what you can do long term and what your body is telling you – yes, our body is telling us all the time what it needs, we just do not listen!

And believe me, it takes time to re-learn to listen to your body but it is worth it. Take yourself time and give yourself credit. If you feel hungry: eat, if you don’t feel like working out: don’t, if you feel tired and weak: realize the reason, you might have to change the foods you eat. By listening to our body, we learn what makes it feel good, energetic and positive and we will change our eating/ lifestyle habits automatically.

I figured out for myself, that intermitted fasting and plant based eating works the best for me. As my lifestyle changed and I started eating a proper meal for dinner, I didn’t felt hungry for breakfast so I decided to skip it and have my first meal between 12pm and 1pm. When it comes to my workout routine, I used to freak out when I don’t make it to the gym 5 days/ week and I would punish myself which is really unhealthy!

Now, I can manage to go to the gym 4 times/ week and go for running 1-2 times/ week and if it is less sometimes than that’s also fine! The gym was for me a way to burn the calories from the food I ate. Since I am eating only 2 meals in a day and taking obviously care about what I eat, I do not need to burn extra calories! And let me tell you – this feel so relieving !

I hope this post is helpful for you and pleeeeease let me know if you need help or are currently struggling with finding a balance.

Comment below to share your story – all of us have one!

You are never alone with what you go through.