Weekend Wrap Up

What a weekend! The week has already been very busy at work and I couldn’t follow my gym routine as planned – and that happens basically never..

The weekend had a long To-Do list: Doing my studies for the IIN health coach program, working out both days, filming and editing a YouTube video, getting my weekly blog post done, going out to the mall, get the groceries for the week done and spending quality time.

On Friday morning (in Dubai weekend is Friday and Saturday) I woke up on time, started with filming a Day in my life VLOG and studied, in the afternoon I went to the gym. The whole day I felt guilty because I did not spend time with my boyfriend who took off for me on the weekend too. Don’t get me wrong, he supports me with my studies and gives me all the time I need but still I felt stressed and wanted to be at two places at the same time. The feeling of not being able to manage everything and putting too many things on my list put me in a really bad mood on that day.

After finishing a not really good workout I was rushing home to be with him. In the evening we went to the mall, out for dinner and spend the rest of the day together.

We went to the Dubai Mall, ate at Wagamama (they have awesome vegan options: Coconut curry with Tofu and vegetables) and I got a black dress for work which fits very nice from H&M on sale for $10.

In the evening it was already raining which continued over the night: YES rain in Dubai.

I moved a couple of things from my Friday To-Do List to Saturday to have time with him. But then, the Saturday was much different then planned:

The rain has floated all streets in Dubai and it was almost impossible to go somewhere by car, the busses to work were delayed or not driving at all. We were basically forced to stay at home. In the morning I continued my studies and finished the at early afternoon time. On my To-Do List was left to edit the YouTube VLOG which I filmed the day before, get a workout in, groceries and so on. The rain made it impossible to drive to the gym or go for a run but instead of freaking out about it as I haven’t been during the week as well as planned, I decided that there is nothing to do about it now and to just enjoy the extra time it gave me.

In todays studies time management was a topic and setting priorities. The 3 main priorities which we have for the year or life in general should be reflected in our To-Do list. That made me think: with doing the health coach program and meditation etc, I want to be more mindful as well. Having a long To-Do list and extra stress made it impossible to take time for myself and to connect to myself.

However, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that it was good to be locked home today. As the WiFi was also not really working and I couldn’t load the videos into iMovie, I was pretty much forced to just chill. And damn, it was awesome. In the afternoon I met a friend at home for coffee, we went to a close by market (yes, the car was almost swimming on the road), I got a phone case which I really needed and the groceries for the next week.

All in all, except editing the YouTube video and working out, I got everything done and spend much needed quality time. I learned that I shouldn’t stress myself out too much at the weekend as I am already being stressed during the week and I think that this is a very good advice for all of you out there.