2019 wrap up

2019 is over in a few days and a new chapter is about to start for us.

Last year I have not done a reflection on 2018 and I did not set goals for 2019. My goals developed during the first months of the year. This year it is different. I know exactly what have been my achievements of the year and what are my goals for 2020. Perfect for the new year, I will put my 2020 goals into writing in my next blog post on January, 3rd. But first, here we go with the 2019 wrap up:


At the beginning of the year, my family and I were thinking about the this years travel. And I set a goal for myself: Every year I want to see at least two new places:

In July I have been to Italy: Milano, Rom and of cause beautiful Venice.

Over my birthday in October, I went to Abu Dhabi. As I am living in Dubai, it is not far, but still a beautiful place to be and relax.

Plant based

Since many years I have educated myself in fitness, nutrition and health and have tried so many ways of eating and never found what really suits to me. After watching “The Game Changer” at the end of October, I went plant based / flexible vegan. Since a few weeks I also started intermitted fasting again and eat between 12pm and 1pm as well as 9pm and 10pm. 2019 finally showed me, what works for me.


My weight has been a struggle for me since three years. In 2016 I competed in a body building competition and lost a lot of weight too fast. Afterwards I gained the weight back and as it is with a “crush-diet”, I Gaines more as I had before.

My goal for this year was to lose 1kg/ month. I started 2019 with 77kg and am not at 72kg. In total it is a loss of 5kg and I have not reached my goal, BUT I lost it in a slow, healthy way and kept a slow, consistent weight loss over the year which is the most important and what will bring me to my goal, even if it will take more time than planned.


At the beginning of 2019 I have not thought about self-love, self-worthy and mindfulness. I thought I knew who I am and what I want and my worth, but I learned this year that I don’t.

In June in started to educate myself through books, podcasts, videos, .. and am so glad that something in me pushed me to do the effort.

Where I am now mentally is a complete different state as where I have been a few months ago and I cannot wait where I will reach in 2020.

After being with my current company for one year, in June 2019, I have been promoted. Therefore, I got the chance to move my apartment which I had moved again at the end of November. Now, I am very happy with my living situation here in Dubai and feel comfortable in my home.

Moreover, I wanted to start a blog and be productive on Instagram. Even though I have not reached the amount of followers I wanted, but I have posted almost every day. In August, I set up my blog and wanted to post weekly. I was not able to follow this target, but still, I publish on regular basis and will keep doing that.

Wrap up: As you can see, I have not reached my goals as I have planned it but I am happy with what 2019 offered me. I constantly worked towards my goals and learned a lot on my way which will help me in 2020 to reach them.

Sometimes, things don’t happen as planned, but we should reflect on positive things which happened to us and be grateful for the year 2019.