How to eat vegan and healthy during Christmas

Christmas is the time for cookies, chocolate, Christmas markets and family dinners. Eating healthy is not easy during this time and usually we eat more than in other months as well. But if you are also vegetarian or vegan it can be even more difficult, especially because you are eating out more or you are not the chef of your meals. And to be honest, who can say no to the food your grandmother cooked? Not only because it is delicious, but because we do not want to make her sad.

Luckily, in my family dinners, there will always be at least one vegetable dish as well. If you know that you will not find that on your table, I would recommend to ask in advance to the dinner if there will be some and if not, if you can bring vegetables along with you. In a restaurant, you will always have the option to ask and order what you would like to eat.

Where it gets difficult as a vegan is when there is a sauce or soup or the dessert with milk/ cream/ honey or cheese. In most cases your family and friends know that you are vegetarian/ vegan or even if you have an allergy. Before going for dinner, I would recommend to remind them and ask if they can avoid certain food items in the dish. You can provide them with alternatives or give them ideas of what they can cook instead. If any of this is not possible, ask to bring something for yourself because to be honest, nobody wants you to sit there and just watch everybody else eating.

Nikkei Nine, Hamburg

My mom invited me and my auntie to the Nikkei Nine in the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg. Since we had the lunch menu, there were two starters and four mains to select from. I chosed the veggie dish and ask the chef to remove and non vegan item. My awesome main dish was sushi rice with baked cauliflower, vegetables and miso sauce.


You don’t have to miss the baking during Christmas time. These cookies are all vegan and gluten-free. Instead of flour you can use alternatives like almond/ coconut/ gluten-free flours and instead of butter you can use magarine or vegan butter. Egg is not required in many recipes. These cookies are made of: Almond flour, brown sugar, vanilla flavor, vegan butter and filled with dark chocolate or fruit jelly.

Breakfast at home

Breakfast is a very important meal for my parents, which I did not wanted to miss on my vacation home. There are so many options, nobody will even notice that you are vegan. I love to have fruits, with nuts and seed, dates and nut butter and eat it with a plant based milk. Bread with vegan cheese, nut butter, avocado or jelly is a great breakfast option and very healthy too.

I hope this blog post helps you to stay healthy and motivated during the period of food of the year. And the most important is, that you don’t miss out on any quality time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!