What you consume, consumes you and what consumes you, controls your life

Our consumption is not only what we eat and drink but also what we watch, what we listen to, the media we consume and our environment.

Do we actually have to wonder about bad sleep if we watch the news as the last consumption of the day? A float of negativity before going to bed obviously has an impact on our sleep and dreams. The first thing we do in the morning is checking our phone, checking work related emails, Instagram is giving us a photoshopped idea of the perfect body and we start the day with stress and body shame.

We have to understand that everything we consume actively or passively has an impact on our life and situation.

The situation and environment we are in is created by us. Our job, relationship, health etc is what it is because we decided it to be like this. And the same way we can decide to change it. The law of attraction shows that everything in our life is coming to us because we attract it, positive events as well as negative. Our thoughts have the power over our life and our thoughts are based on what we consume.

Think about what you consume, who are the people you talk to or what do you get influenced by? Does it highers your vibration? Does it causes you mental or personal growth?

Imagine you want to change your diet or start going to the gym: in an environment where you would be the only one, it will be much harder for you to be consistent with it because the others will bring you back to your habits. On the other side, if you are surrounded by healthy, for people, you will automatically adapt to your environment and not be the only one ordering a burger if everyone is eating their vegetables.

If you are the smartest in your group, you are in the wrong group.

If you want to change, become a better version of yourself, become healthier or more successful, you have to change your behaviors and consumptions.

Listen to podcast, motivational speakers, surround yourself with successful, positive minded people and you create yourself a new environment. That might mean to break up friendships or a relationship. For me it meant to move to another country, change the job, find new friends, change my diet. I am constantly learning and changing in order to become a better version of myself.

Recently I decided to take more care than ever on my nutrition, stop eating meat, eggs, diary, milk products and sugar and eating mainly plant based which is not easy in an Arabic country which traditional food includes a lot of meat and flour products. But I am doing it for my body and health, because I am better educated about the risks, because I have the discipline and choose a long life.

Everything you drink and eat is important because it affects your vibration and reality. The right food will make you feel better and what make you feel batter will raise your vibrations. High vibes will attract more positivity into your life – you will see how it is all connected!