Who believes in you?

Your believes form your reality but do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can reach anything you want? And who else believes in you?

When we grow up, we grow up with the believes of the people around us. For most of us these believes are limited. We learn that there are thinks we cannot do because we get told so. We cannot become a world record athlete, we cannot become an astronaut, we cannot get rich. Because who raises us cannot imagine it. And as we get limitations teached, we don’t believe ourself that we can reach anything. Most of the people who lived will die with their dreams after they have told their children that they can’t do it because they themselves never did it.

Only a few people in this world became successful and rich. Because this people know the secret. The secret I wrote about in my previous post is the key to success and to fulfill your dream: The law of attraction.

To become who you dream of, you have to do the effort and get out of your comfort zone. You have to do what nobody around you ever did. You have to believe in yourself.

Our mentality forms our reality.

What we believe will come true. Do not wait for anyone to believe in you. If your family and friends would only tell you that you can’t do it or you are crazy or that you have to stop dreaming, stop telling them about your plans and dreams. Do it in silence. Your success will say more that words. Prove them wrong.

My family and my closest friends don’t know about my goal. They don’t know about the work I am doing, that I am listening to podcast everyday, meditating, planning, educating myself. And they don’t need to know because I don’t need to hear anyone commenting who’s vibration are lower.

It doesn’t matter if there is someone believing in you as long as you believe in yourself. No matter what happens to you or how hard life gets you have to keep believing and never stop. When I was young and nobody believed in me and I was told that I am not intelligent or good enough, I still had that inner thriving that made me continue until it was done and I proved others wrong.

Learning now about the law of attraction I realize how much more I am able to do and to reach.

Our inner willingness can push us above our limits: yesterday morning I attended the historic dubai run in sheikh zayed road for which the registration was open for 5k or 10k. Since my team member signed up for the 5k so did I. When the 5k route turned to the left I decided to do the 10k. And I don’t know if I have ever done 10k in my life! But I did it. Without stopping once. Because when I decide something I cannot disappoint myself. Afterwards I was very proud that I have pushed myself over the limit I had in my mind and it reminded me that the people I am with should not be able to limit my potential!