The question which answer will change your life

What do you really want?

In my previous blog post I wrote about your purpose in life. How do you find out what is your purpose and if you know it, how can you reach there.

But often it is not as easy as the theory. Something stops us from doing the needful and living our dreams. But what is that and why?

These are for example our habits, our environment, our beliefs, our fear or comfortability.  How do we break them? By changing our mindset. We have the conscious and the unconscious mind: the conscious mind is where we do things actively and the unconscious mind is doing it automatically through repeating a task or thought multiple times. The unconscious mind is much stronger and has the power over most our thoughts and actions.

For being successful and reaching our goal we have to train and basically reprogram our thinking until it is manifested in our unconscious mind.

The quality of your questions = the quality of your thoughts.

The quality of your thoughts = the quality of your actions.

The quality of your actions = the quality of your results.

The quality of your results = the quality of your life.

How do successful people think? All of us know someone who we just like to spend time with but we can’t actually tell why. Well, this is because the person vibrates higher than we do. We get attracted by positivity and positive people attract more positivity and whatever has a high vibration. For positive people everything seems to be easier and what they want, they will get it. This positivity and how your vibes are starts in your mind. Your mind is creating your reality and your life. If you want to change something, you have to change your mindset first.

This is not easy, it doesn’t happens over night and it takes time because we have to first recognize our thoughts and then actively control them until our new way of thinking becomes part of the unconscious mind.

What do you think when something is not working out the way you wanted it to?

Do you think I am a failure? Do you blame the circumstances? Do you give up? Do you think life is unfair and full of negativity? This is where you have to start changing your thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself what are your options in this situation? What did you not see? What is another way to do it? What can you learn from it?

You are just as free as the options you know.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and whenever something negative happens to you, try to see the positive in it. Sometimes it takes time until we see it but there will be a lesson behind it.

Ask yourself open questions which will lead your further and don’t make you stick in this situation with your low vibes. Change the way you think and react.

Take the responsibility because only you are responsible for your life.

You are responsible for your thoughts where everything starts. Start listening and noticing your thought.

How do you feel after leaving work? When you come home, how do you talk about your day? Positive or negative? What has to change? Your job or your thoughts? Are you focusing on the negative parts of the day or the positive?

How can you think differently about it?

By answering these kind of questions for yourself, you will slowly swift your mindset.

The quality of your questions = the quality of your thoughts.

The quality of your thoughts = the quality of your actions.

Again, what do you really want in life?

And what is the action you have to take?

Why are you not taking these actions?

This is a very good question! What is holding you back? Laziness? Fears? Is it worth it whatever holds you back or can you kick it in the ass and start doing the needful? At the end it is all in our own hands, if we reach our goal or not ..

Whatever you really want in life, you can reach it!!