What is your purpose in life?

The question about your purpose is the most important you will ever ask yourself. It answers you How do you want to spend your limited time on earth? What do you want in life?

But how do you figure it out?

Nowadays, young people start traveling after school to figure out what they want to study. They spend one or two years thinking about their purpose by traveling to then start studying something they think is what they want to do in life. In best case they are right but probably they will anyways change their direction again like many other people during their life.

How can we know what is our purpose?

Think about what makes you very happy and excited? What do you love to do? What are you good in? How do others benefit from it?

The answer to this question will lead you to your purpose. Now think, how can you make money out of it?

I have previously written over the magical thing called The Universe. The Universe will lead you and will help you if you do what you love because your vibration will be high! High vibrations and positivity will attract more of it. What I want to say is that it doesn’t matter with what you want to make money, as long as it is your purpose and you do it with all your energy, it will work!

Great, now that you have an idea what you would love to do everyday of your life – we can start!

Let your dreams drive you. How does your dream life looks like? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to own?

Write it down. Split it down. In how many years you want to reach your goal? 5? 10? How much money do you want to make annually in 10 years? How much in 5? How much do you have to make next year to reach your goal step by step?

Now you have a number.

Feel the happiness and gratefulness and proudness as if you are already there. Imagine yourself in your dream life. What would you do now if you were already there? How would your day look like? Live the feeling today and it will happen. And I do t mean to spend as much money as you will spend then! But to live the emotions you will feel then and to create your life now as much as it will be in the future.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are creating your reality.

Now, what is holding you back from living your dream life? What do you have to shift to make it happen? And please don’t make excuses here.

Find an inspiration, for example Oprah. Look at your idols life and what he/she went through and had to do to reach their goal. Usually it is not glamorous, it takes a lot of work and hard work. Otherwise, we all would be successful and making money like hell.

So, what can you do today for a better tomorrow? And then, Do it.

Make a plan. Like you did for the money.

Write down your main goal which terrifies you and freaks you out. To calm you down a bit, find mini goals. Maybe a goal which you want to reach in 2 years. And then mile stones. Be as precise as you can and realistic. Don’t hurry yourself because it will lower your vibration. And a lower vibration cannot attract positivity.

Now, in best case, you have an idea about what you want and what you have to do.

Telling you to write down your dreams and goals, I have done the same and want to be as transparent as possible with you:

My dream life contains traveling and helping people around the world to a better life. My dream life is having the luxury to eat the best and healthiest food at all times and to enjoy life. My dream life is to work hard and to constantly work on myself and learn. My dream is to be known as a young, driven woman in Dubai who has no faith. I want to help other woman in the Middle East to built confidence and to teach others to be themselves and love themselves just as they are.

My goals are to create multiple income streams. One is my Instagram account, my blog, in the future a YouTube channel, coaching/ online coaching, events and a book.

Splitting my goals into mile stones, I started with my Instagram account and recently started this blog. I always enjoyed writing and it gives me the spaces to say what I think and to start helping and inspiring others.

My mini goals are to post a picture daily and be active in my story as well as to post a blog post on weekly basis.

I read books and listen to podcasts/ YouTube videos of coaches whenever I can.

This is the work I put in now for a better tomorrow. What is yours?