Hi, I am Joana, your Healistic Coach

As a Healistic Coach I use a forward-thinking approach. The support I offer is both science- and experience-based; it’s a combination of traditional and modern approaches catered to each bio-individual client.

In addition to supporting my clients with their specific goals, I empower my clients to choose health-promoting behaviors that work for them. I raise awareness and offer support as my clients move in their own bio-individual ways toward the greater health they want for themselves. My coaching hopefully leads to long-term behavior change, but only because I help my clients do the meaningful work that forms a strong foundation.

I am mentoring my clients to create and maintain long-term lifestyle changes to enhance their overall quality of life.

Why you need me as your Healistic Coach

As your Healistic Coach I focus on all areas of life because just as much as nutrition plays a role to our health, so does sleep, stress, relationships and spirituality. Since everyone of us has individual concerns and goals, it is very important to me to treat my clients individually. That means one-on-one coaching and made-for-you material.

My background in fitness will help you reach your fitness goals as well, gaining muscles or loosing fat.

It is my goal to help my clients holistically. I want them to understand the factors of health and how to constantly work on them, even after our program finished.


What I Do

Health Coaching

As a Health Coach I offer a 3, 6 or 12 months option with one-on-one coaching. Over the coaching sessions, I will help you to reach your individual goals to better wellness and health.


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